About Me

Me, circa 1990

I love cooking. I test all of my recipes multiple times and make sure they taste delicious before posting. (Hey, it’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.)

In my former life, I was a literary agent turned editor of a major publishing house in New York. I worked on some incredible books and most applicably, some cookbooks, and was bitten by the bug to start sharing some of my trials and successes here on CozyBogie.com.

Currently, I pursue my culinary ambitions whenever I have a free moment away from my real-life job at a real estate company.

Please be courteous (and basically just a good human being :)) and credit/link back to my original recipes and pages if you decide to try these on your own websites. I love it when people love my recipes and share them, but not so much if I see one floating around that is nearly identical to mine and not credited. It is much appreciated.

I can be reached at: “cozybogie at gmail dot com”

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